Sunday, July 1, 2018

Thrift Store Haul IV - Big Reveal Finale!

Well, a lot of this isn't going to be much of a surprise if you saw the post yesterday. It was a clear plastic bag after all, but I am still tickled pink at having such success with my first outing looking for discount or second hand army men! This first picture, of course, is some BMC U.S. Marines, from their seminal Iwo Jima playset. I feel so fulfilled having got these, after posting only a few weeks ago how I thought they were some of the best army men ever made. 79 cents!

And of course, an opposing force of Japanese infantry. Now, here is the thing I was most excited about. Remember yesterday how I mentioned there was something I had previously never seen before. They're there in the front left! In this bag there was not one, but two Iwo Jima mortars! Intact! The rest of the set was great too, but this was a find beyond my wildest dreams! Such luck!

There were also a few other figures, that were either broken, missing stands, or missing the flag and diorama base, in the case of the flag raisers. I can live with that. I have my own version, in the mint green, in the garage somewhere. I can also always rig up something with these fellows if the mood ever strikes.

Now that I'm done drooling over the mortars, let us examine the other things in the bag. There were some trees and fences. Nice. I find the broken one amusing, as I've never broken one of these. I didn't know it could be done.

Some creepy crawlies for good measure. I was actually looking for some frogs as conversion fodder in anticipation of the new Battletoads game, so...kismet? And you know eight legged freaks are always decent horror movie type enemies for army men, right?

 Lastly, there were a few animals. I don't know much about the lion and leopard, as the safari sets were never my thing. But that's a LEGO Friends pony in the center, which will likely end up in Mrs. Fett's collection of same.

Thanks for reading along folks. I know you were probably less thrilled than I was with this find (it would be hard for you, since I actually get to keep the stuff while you're just stuck reading about it), but I hope it was fun and humorous nonetheless.

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