Monday, July 23, 2018

Warcraft Minifigure 2 Pack - Alliance Soldier Vs. Horde Warrior

Now, this is the third, and final installment (they didn't have the pack with Durotan), and also where the line gets truly silly. Neither of these dudes have weapons! Have they submitted themselves to a contest of honorable fitsicuffs?

The Orc is just a repaint of the example in the Lothar set, and frankly, he looks less impressive with this palette. The Alliance soldier, which I thought at first glance to be a repaint of Lothar's body, seems, upon closer examination, to be a mostly, if not totally, new sculpt. He's also the shortest figure of the series, miking at 63mm. He might make a more anonymous commander or unit leader if the other figures weren't suitable for a given scenario. Still, I feel like both of these guys should have come with a weapon. Given the impressive arms Lothar and Garona came with, why not these fellows?

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