Saturday, July 21, 2018

Warcraft Minifigure 2-pack - Lothar Vs. Garona

I was recently kicking myself over not having bought these, when lo, and behold, I found a batch of them at the 99 Only store. Yeah, at the same time as the Star Wars Command set posted the other day. Needless to say, that day's debit receipts bore some explaining with Mrs. Fett.

Now, the reasons I didn't get these at the time (which are still valid) are that I don't care for Warcraft, and they were like $5-6 in the stores I saw them. After having actually seen the movie (I thought it was okay, but Mrs. Fett loved it) I thawed a little. Plus, now that I am more invested in this 'gaming with toy soldiers' business than ever before, at the new lower rate, they seemed quite reasonable.

This is my favorite of the sets I purchased, because one, they are both armed. Two, Lothar has a pistol. I adore medieval looking figures with firearms. They're just so RARE. Even more rare than female army men. And also, Garona, because, well, female army men. They're so RARE. Now, Lothar mikes at 65mm. That's a  bit on the large side of what I consider a 'proper' toy soldier. Still, for a character figure (and a prepainted one at that), I'm willing to overlook it, since your army's heroes should be...erm...heroic in stature. Most of the figures have minor articulation, like one arm, or head, something like that. The bases are a separate piece, attaching to a hole in the foot via peg, a la GI Joe. The paint is...decent. Nothing earth shaking, but better than I can do, though that says not a whole lot, for those of you familiar with my painting.

Stay tuned for part II, where things get even sillier than Lothar vs. Garona.

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