Sunday, July 22, 2018

Warcraft Minifigure 2 Pack - Lothar Vs. Horde Warrior

Well, in representing a scene that certainly happens a number of times in the movie, this set gets top notches. Again, Lothar is actually armed! He has the cool sword that he used in the movie to great effect. This figure is a different sculpt and paint scheme for him, which is something I always like to see. Again, the figure is semi-articulated, which makes Lothar a cool leader or hero figure for a more generic army of knights or fantasy warriors. I'm not sure what I'll use him for, but I'm sure he'll crop u p from time to time.

The orc, however, while impressively painted and sculpted, is unarmed. Also, his shoulder pauldron restricts the movement or his left arm severely, and appears to be glued over the joint. Seriously, why bother making an articulation cut if you're just going to block it entirely? Still, perhaps he will make a 'bruiser' type character for some future monster antagonists.

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