Monday, August 6, 2018

Chaos Campaign 17 - Green Hippos Going Nova

A regional rabble rouser named Lindon Ashley has fomented a rebellion on a backwater world called Novara. The slightly less local Baron in charge of the Alarion district military is coming to stomp him, hard. Said Baron is bringing along his Kaumberg Planetary Guard, to help. So Ashley's little 'Democratic Republic' has hired us to stomp back. Hard. The Green Hippos aren't new to this kind of work, and promptly set up a few surprises, to even the odds.

Since JuniorFett has been a little, overt, shall we say, in the unfairness department when it comes to setting up the terrain, I neglected to tell him that I was going to be the defender, and he the attacker. Look at all that glorious defensive terrain guarding the objectives. With not a twig of cover for the attackers. Shame.

Some of Ashley's little personal army showed up to help. At least they have hazardous environment suits.

The lion's share of the defense, however, was provided by the former ComGuard contingent of the Green Hippos. The Hippo's best troops in fact.

The KPG, along with their light mech, have to make the long approach to the barricades under blistering support weapon fire. Shame.

Still, JuniorFett's inspired dice rolling gets at least some of his forces into assault position, though the Hippos held, and the defense was successful. A well placed pitfall trap by the Hippo's devious engineers immobilized the mech, and the demolition charges at the bottom effectively removed it from action. Shame.

In the scenario's epilogue, we find out that Lindon Ashley actually WAS the bad guy the Baron said he was, and skipped planet with all of his government's treasury...including the part he was supposed to pay the Hippos. Shame.

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