Saturday, August 4, 2018

Escorpion Imperio V - Cavalry

Coming Soon™ to an Imperio near you.

Also, I have decided to simply call them Cavalry, or Scorpion Cavalry in future references, because 'Horse Mounted Infantry' is simply too unwieldy. Basically, I gave up looking for modern or sci-fi futuristic infantry. The Hing Fat robot cowboys looked promising, but I simply cannot turn any up. So I am going to make my own, from these Dollar Tree horses and Jaru infantrymen. The upcoming steps prove to be tedious...erm, I mean epic and interesting. Yes.

Annoyingly, these horses, while the best I could find in stores or online, come in three different sizes. In order to get enough to make a mounted squad (seven troopers, per the rules), I needed to buy three bags. This gives me nine full size army men mounts. Upside, I have a couple spares in case of errors or breakage. Downside, the stupid horses cost more that the army men I will be using. This is why I never had cavalry!

Anyway, look forward to some in progress stuff coming soon on this front!

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James James said...

BMC do some nice horses and I think you can buy them separately (I think originally they were in ACW sets). They have saddles and horse furniture.

I look forward to your final conversions.