Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Escorpion Imperio VI - Cavalry Recruits

The first three brave recruits. Should they survive their initiation to the Cavalry Corps, I shall have to give them honorary blood names.

Well the road to Scorpion Cavalry units has been tumultuous. First, the number of horses per package proved inadequate to my needs. Then, the horses themselves proved too 'realistic' in proportion, meaning there was nary a chance a normal army man could straddle their girth.

I had almost given up and decided to use American- or English- Civil War cavalry instead of something more modern. I may still do that, but some helpful advice from the Army Men Group, as well as some half forgotten toy collector lore has spurred me on to at least experiment in the original concept. The first step will be to remove their bases. I have a good set of clippers, and I am confident I can do so gracefully. The trick will be to remove all of the basing material without amputating their feet. I intend to start this process after work on Tuesday (today, as you read this). So expect some progress on this soon.

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James James said...

You could also combine them with cowboy or cavalry figures. The former should be especially easy to find and cheap - copies of Airfix and Herald cowboys. Why not cut them at the waist and swop torsos? Cavalry lower halves with the high boots would look even better combined with these. I have done it in combination with WW2 Germans.