Friday, August 10, 2018

New Big Bag Of Swag - Another Thrift Store Haul!

I went back to that kick butt second hand store where I found all the Jaru soldiers a few weeks ago. I figured since I am cutting them up to make Escorpion Imperio Cavalry, I should probably buy more to, you know, use as regular army men.

So back I go, and sad to say, they were completely out of stock of the new Jaru bags. However, looking through their toy section, I found another goody bag! There were actually another couple things I was thinking about, but this is all I got this time. The restraint!

This mostly looks like stuff from the four sides army bucket you see on Amazon. You know the one, Grey Red, Pink, Green. Or maybe sometimes tan. Well, it looks like someone kept all the reds, most of the pinks and silvers, but decided they didn't want the greens. For 98 cents, their loss is my gain!

I'll open these up and rinse them off this weekend, so expect more info in the coming days, as well as what other oddities this bag may hold!

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