Monday, September 17, 2018

Armies In Plastic Zulu War Royal Navy

I've always loved being able to get armed Navy figures. Seriously, think of how many excellent 'away team' or 'shore party' scenarios I can play with these guys! Tropical islands, natives, dinosaurs, giant beasts, you name it! So when they went on sale on the Armies in Plastic site, I got a box of each type. Now, I am a bit annoyed that between when I made my order and when it arrived, they had been discounted an additional 30%, but such is life.

As the bix says, these are a depiction of Royal Navy infantry as they would have appeared in the Zulu war era. I like the 'Winter' color scheme better, as I feel the blue color better distinguishes them as sailors rather than soldiers. The eight poses are your pretty typical horse & musket era fare, advancing with martini henry rifles, bayoneting, hitting with the rifle butt. Some of the sailors have beards, some have muttonchops, some are clean shaven. A nice assortment all around. The officer has what appears to be a webley, and one of the silly British pith helmets. I wonder if that's accurate for Navy officers? I'm sure it is, because AiP likely knows this subject matter better than I do.

Aside from the Pulp gaming options these figures open up for me, I also got them because I was planning to get the Boer Commandos set off of Amazon recently, until they jumped to like triple the original price. Figure these guys are not that dissimilar, with the exception of the officer. They can serve as a wide range of low-tech insurgents, partisans, militia, or what have you. A good utility set.


electricwave said...

cool army men,the box too is nice!! they work well in steampunk scenarios too! ew

James James said...

The pith helmet was a tropical option.