Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Assault On Usuhr - Wargaming With Army Men

This is another game without a story, that's not really a part of any of my ongoing 'series.' Jr Fett and I were simply getting in another quick game rather than putting everything away for the night. We used the Future Wars rules, despite Jr Fett wanting to use AiP Royal Navy figures. Sigh. They're just the only rules he's real comfortable with or wants to play anymore. Fine.

It was also part of my ongoing experiment to convince him to not just take the most powerful troop option, in this case two armored heroes (again, despite them super not matching the figures).

So I decided to teach him about 'torrent of fire,' and took a good swarm of "possessed pirates" (Dark Eldar basically).

It actually went pretty well for him to start. He has better shooting dice, at longer range, and a much better armor save (2+ against my 5+)

But as I got closer, the sheer number of dice I could chuck began to tell. First putting a wound on one of his heroes.

Then removing him entirely. By this point he had taken out my leader, and a couple of pirates, but he was getting cornered.

Now, this isn't quite as bad as it looks, since his hero is a beast in melee, but it is pretty bad.

These were just my hit dice. I had 18 to roll to hit. I needed him to roll a 1 on his save.

And there it is.

Game over. Lesson learned?

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