Saturday, October 13, 2018

Battle Of Klaih - Medieval Wargaming With Toy Knights

...and, well, toy Orcs, I guess?

More wargaming with Jr. Fett on one of those evenings we already had the terrain set up, but didn't want to do the cleaning, so might as well get another game in. In this game, I wanted to do a sort of reverse of the "Bounty Hunter" formula, where the more formidable knight (with repeating crossbow) had to defend against a group of howling Orc barbarians. In the top photo you see the whole setup, as well as initial deployments. Above, you see the Orcs rushing the crossing. Unusual for him, the little general had bad dice early in the game, otherwise I suspect my Orcs would be pin-cushioned with crossbow bolts.

He did, ultimately, nail one of the Orcs fatally before the crossed the bridge. But now it's my time. Clobberin' time.

Wait...what's this? Jr. Fett knows how to kite? This is inconceivable! He thins the Orcs' numbers as he slowly withdraws.

I did manage to get a wound on the brave knight at this point, at the cost of a third Orc.

The final encounter. Here, my last Orc faces the knight. One wound to one wound. It could have gone either way...

The knight won (Jr Fett finally got his dice luck back). Here's a shot of my dead pool. Poor Orcses. Better luck next time!

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