Thursday, October 4, 2018

Battle Of Vloeg - A Good Auld Fashioned Rubber Band War

So, I originally wanted to fit this into the Green Hippos campaign, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, since this was a quick pickup (or trying not to pickup, as the case may be) game that Jr. Fett and I undertook. My goal was to get him back to playing by the rules after the debacle of cheating and bad sportsmanship that was the Ishikab match.

It worked, largely.

We set up two colors of figures, and took turns shooting. Tallying casualties and declaring a victor for each 'round' when we had to collect rubber bands.

I won, though since I was shooting the Green Figures, I decided this would be a bad thing for the Green Hippos, hence not including it in that series. It was a good time though, and the little general seems more on board with playing by the rules and sportsmanlike conduct afterword.

Hope it sticks.

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