Sunday, October 7, 2018

Chaos Campaign 22 - Green Hippos Defending Ishikab

Not a full campaign installment per se, but after we finished the Bounty Hnter mission to depose King Rondel III, Jr Fett decided he wanted to keep playing on his own. So I took pictures of his arrangements, and he told  a little story of what was going on.

After Rondel III's unfortunate de-throning, his heir was acclaimed Rondel IV. Rondel, while more moderate than his father, was upset at the Taurians' meddling, and demanded reparations, as well as his father's repatriation. The Taurians, not interested in acceding to either demand, sought instead to depose Rondel IV as well.

The Bounty Hunter, not available for this job (he likely thought the Taurians deserved this turn about), declined to respond, so the Taurians sent regular forces, a fairly serious border breach, if anyone cared about the periphery.

Rondel IV, however, was no fool, and had foreseen the possibility. He had, through agents, hired some external help, the Green Hippo Rangers. Along with Ishikab's already formidable physical defenses, the professional Green Hippos were able to repulse the Taurians in short order, despite the latter's numerical superiority.

H eplayed this one without me, but I was fairly proud of how detailed his deployments were. Look at the troops deploying from the back of the APC in the top photos. He's learning so well!

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