Saturday, October 20, 2018

Infestation At Area 17 - Wargaming With Army Men And FROGS!

It came to pass that there was an allied nations training exercise in Area 17, a secret military base in the Green Nation. Here, valiant green soldiers train alongside their counterparts from the Silver Sultanate, a new friend in the growing cold war against Tan Empire aggression.

The spirit of neighborly cooperation, however, quickly sours as it becomes clear that the Green and Silver militaries are not the only forces at play. Giant Frogs emerge from the wilderness and begin a relentless assault on the base.

The Jr. General and I basically just set up some troops and took turns flinging frogs at them. It was a mess of fun. In general, it was a little more orderly and controlled than rubber band shooting, since the frogs have considerably less "misfire" potential.

The allies concentrate fire on the blue frogs. It's uncertain if there is any immediate effect, though the blues seem less energetic after taking hits.

The allies start taking casualties, and are pushed deeper into the installation.

I had to switch out the orange frogs for the blues, since one of the blue frogs had a broken tab, and simply would not jump with any force. Still, the allies were routed, and high command is unclear at this point if there were  any survivors.

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