Monday, October 29, 2018

Melee On The Bounding Main Of Methane

After "The Space Pirates of Saturn's Moons" the Jr. General (or would it be admiral?) decided he'd rather play more than clean. Beginning to see a theme here eh? He even went and got his own ship to participate. Bet you can't guess which is his, eh?

This time it was Space Pirates vs....I dunno? Saturnian Space Skeletons? Is that a thing?

It was at this point that the Jr Admiral solemnly asked me if wood and corpses would float on methane. I looked it up, but I don't remember now. I told him it didn't matter for purposes of play, since both float on felt.


Brutorz Bill said...

So who won? Looks like both sides destroyed one another!

CounterFett said...

Yeah, with Jr. Fett, if left to his own devices:

Everyone Dies.