Monday, October 8, 2018

Seizure On Thatiter Part 1 - Bounty Hunter VII

Flush from a fat paycheck from the Taurians for his actions on Ishikab, the Bounty Hunter didn't really need another big 'regime change' contract. Didn't need it, but certainly wouldn't turn it down. Fast forward to Thatiter, a grubby industrial world on the fringe of what used to be The Free Worlds League. Since the end of the Late Unpleasantness with the Word of Blake, Thatiter has been run by a Generalissimo who used to be a mercenary that worked for the Blakists. One of the Captain Generals (don't remember which one, though the surname was probably Marik) hires the Bounty Hunter to remove this local reminder that the FWL got along so well with the Word.

Zayne Maddox, the Generalissimo himself. Having been on the wrong side of the war, the Generalissimo has plenty of Blake tech, like the light power armor he and all of his troops wear, along with the compact pule laser rifles they all carry. Taking the field himself is gutsy, if...unwise.

At first, the bounty hunter strolls on in, like John Wayne. At this point I remind Jr. Fett about our gentleman's stealth agreement.

Because I have observation posts manned with spotters, if he's not careful!

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