Thursday, October 11, 2018

Seizure on Thatiter Part 3 - Bounty Hunter IV

After initially being discovered, the Bounty Hunter continues eliminating sentries. He takes a few dings from the patrol laser rifles, but is not injured enough to conisider aborting.

The patrol falls back towards the command bunker. Their shots cease to connect.

Another sentry is eliminated, this time one who responded to the alarm from the other side of the compound. The remaining troops flee, rather than face the unstoppable nightmare any longer.

Zane Maddox finds himself alone, with no further layers of defenses. And surrenders. Probably the right call.

This time guys, I added a few home rules to the Future Wars set. First, repeated knockdowns count as a wound. The first sentry got a result of 'knocked down' on the wound table three times. So he was out of action for my own turn, then got back up. This immobilized the Bounty Hunter for three turns. The Sentry himself did nothing, as getting up from 'knocked down' takes the whole turn. It was just silly.

Also, I implemented a rudimentary morale system. I figured the seedy mercenaries would not fight to the death for some warlord who is clearly on the outs, and just eyeballed a good time for them to jump ship. I figured 50% casualties and getting pushed to the map edge is about when I would consider running.

Lastly, I sort of just made up the "arrest" skill for BH, where if he comes in base contact with his target, it victory. Seems fair, considering how outnumbered he is most of the time.

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