Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Assault Of Cerk - Medieval Wargaming With Toy Knights

This could also be called, part II of trying to convince the Jr. General not to just take the one most powerful character when we wargame. It was a fun Schtick for the Bounty Hunter games, but he's just going overboard on it.

So here we go again. He takes his armored hero (glorious paladin). And I take a bunch of Human Infantry (Elf archers). Will he learn torrent of fire/flexible choices? We'll see.

He did take out my leader, (a marine, if I recall correctly) with his stormbolt...umm...heavy repeating crossbow. I figured if he got into melee range, he would win, and that's not teaching him anything. What I need is a hit, a failed save, and then a six.

Oh, would you look at that. A six. Will this finally get it through his head? I don't actually know yet. Since I was so sick the past few weeks, this was the last game we played. He was pretty miffed. I hope he still wants to play with me.

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