Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fallout 4 Mega Merge T45 Shark Power Armor

So, I had seen the 4" scaled Fallout Power Armor figures before, but when we came upon the custom shark maw paint scheme at Target the other day, Mrs Fett said I had to get it, because she knows how much I love me some Shark Maw.

I'm glad she did. Because otherwise I would have had to drive all over the county to find it again when I decided I needed it. Also, they were a lot cheaper than the ones I found at Gamestop and other similar retailers.

I still haven't taken this out of the box (hence only the packaged shot). If there's enough interest, I can bust it out and do a more thorough review. I don't really care for the interchangeable limbs, since this is the only one I plan to buy, but maybe some of the old Star Wars build a droid parts might fit?

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