Thursday, December 6, 2018

Early Christmas Haul III - Classic Military Soldiers

I actually got two of these buckets, and while I'm no military historian, I think that number of figures means I can have World War II reenacted by army men at the 1:1 scale. I'm not even going to comment on each of the pictures, but Jr Fett positioned one of each pose of each army, and it took us a while!

It never ceases to amaze me that they sculpted the Japanese in pink. I feel like the IJA would have wanted it this way. They're so MOE.

The Germans. My son insists these are the same color as the British, but they look a little grayer to me. Maybe it's the power of memory at work, because the Germans were always gray in my childhood?

The Brits. Not much to say here, though I like all the poses. I am always amused to see a bagpiper among the combat poses. Like "Bloody hell Nigel, get down and quit choking that pig will you?"

The Americans. Not sure why these are silver. Maybe because they fight space aliens on the weekend? I used some of these guys from a thrift store find as "Silver Sultanate" troopers in a random play game some time back. These are some of my favorite poses form this bucket, because, well...'Murica?

Look at that! I suppose I had enough to say to coment on all of the pictures after all!