Thursday, January 10, 2019

Chaos Campaign 25 - Green Hippos, Comes The Reaper

After a crushing, debilitating, humiliating, emasculating defeat in the last installment, the remains of the Green Hippos that were not captured, sign up with Stone's little reformation crusade in the Chaos March. We've worked with Stone before, and he mostly seems like a good egg. The mission he's forming this time in particular has our boys and girls on board. Seems we are hitting Galatea. Intel, HQ, and 'reeducation camps' run by the Word Of Blake, including the camp our erstwhile colleagues have been sent to. Mayhap we can put the band back together?

At first blush, the WoB defenses are formidable.

But then, so are the Hippos. Not to mention the Com Guard and Stone support.

Hippo Rangers sieze the bridge head. Engineers are sent across to deal with the Mithras tank.

Which is accomplished, at some cost.

Ultimately, the raid is successful. The Hippos are one big, happy family again. Stone gets a massive propaganda victory, and the ComGuard cryptanalysts have a field day with the HQ files. We'll be getting some mileage of this info, or my name's not...Butch...Powers. Wait, wrong fictional universe!

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Francis Lee said...

Well done the hippos!