Friday, February 22, 2019

Been Gone. Now I Am Back.

Conditionally. On top of all of the other problems I have been slowed down with, a little over a week ago, my father died.

While not a surprise, due to his advanced aged, it was still a shock. I still rather expected him to outlive me. He was really tough! I refered to him as 'The Invincible Iron Old Man of Doom' for a considerable portion of my childhood.

I just got back from down South, helping out my Mom (who also expected him to outlive all of us). He was an incredible person, one of my role models (as close as any real life person gets, anyway), and my personal hero. I'll miss you Pops Wops!

Anyway, this is me saying I intend to be getting back on track here o the blog, but my appointment for the endoscopy is in only a few days, so I guess life might still have a say in whether I will be doing so or not.

Wish me luck!


Brutorz Bill said...

Sorry for your loss

The Angry Lurker said...

Very sorry for your loss, my condolences!

electricwave said...

very sorry,i m with you in this sad moment. ew

pulpcitizen said...

Sorry to hear of your father's passing. My condolences.

WQRobb said...

It's a heavy load. All the best during this time.