Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How Can EP IX Be Saved?

So I saw Ep VIII. The best thing I can say about it is I liked it more than VII. I still want Star Wars to be a series we can all be proud of, though. What does Disney need to pull out of its hat for 9 that would make me happy?

One word...


Now hear me out. Sure, all the resistance survivors got on the Falcon (how many does the Falcon sit, maybe 40?), but what about all of those first order ships still in orbit? So imagine this; the Falcon breaks orbit, and as the sky clears to black, you see unfamiliar ships engaging the star destroyers. Then the Falcon gets a comm call:

"Millenium Falcon, this is Ordo Clan Cruiser Kandosii. Follow us, we have cordoned off an escape vector. We will guide you to the rendezvous point where the rest of the fleet will join up after dealing with these first order slugs!"

Shot changes to the command crew looking to Leia for a decision, she just shrugs.

"Listen," the radio continues, "Whatever your opinion or experience with Mandalorians, we're the side not trying to kill you right now."

Leia tilts her head and nods, acknowledging the point.

Scene cuts to the rendezvous, obviously some bunker complex. Both sides walk in and stare at each other.

"So what's the next move?" Leia asks.

"We wait." Said Mandalorian Guy In Charge (MGIC)

"I wasn't expecting such...passivity." some random resistance guy (SRRG)

"Don't be mistaken," MGIC says, "We're not passive, we're loyal. Our orders are to bring you here and wait for Mandalore. We will defend you if needed, but we will not begin offensive operations until we have new orders."

"And when will Mandalore get here?" Leia asks.

"Soon," MGIC replies, "He left some days after us, but he pilots a fast ship."

"What kind of ship?" Asks SRRG.

"Patrol Craft. Firespray class."

"Ooh," Leia says, intrigued "That is fast, I remember, back during the rebellion, there was this one time Boba Fett was tailing me and Han, and Han said..."

"AHEM." MGIC interrupted. There was a soft chime from the sensor terminal. A Mando turns to MGIC and gives a thumbs up.

"He's Here."

A panoramic shot of Slave I landing on top of the bunker. Into the meeting strides Boba Fett. Because OF COURSE Boba Fett.

"Princess." Boba Fett nods to Leia.

"Boba Fett." Leia responds. "I should have known the Sarlaac wasn't enough to kill you."

"You were right. Now...are you ready to win?"