Paper Construction Toys

This is where I will deposit my designs for Paper Toy Figures that I have made. You can use them if you want. I'm not saying they are any good. These are picture files, so I am attaching them as such. More designs will be attached as I make them.

Some of these pieces have artwork that is not mine, so use them respectfully. I tried to use my own artwork when possible.

Click to enlarge. I find best results occur when they are printed at 85%. Much smaller is hard to fold, and bigger is weak due to the thinness of paper. Larger construction might work better if these are printed on card paper or affixed to thicker stuff before cutting.

Have Fun!
Toon Link. My First Design. Needs more tabs to construct well.

Pikachu. My First Request
Kirby. Tab System Perfected!
Angry Marine, you know the line...
It's'a Me!
Luigi's the winner!
He's no good to me folded!
This is a triumph!